BT Customer Services

British Telecommunications or BT as they are commonly known by is exactly what their name suggests: they provide communications services to the United Kingdom. Their stated purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. They have a focus on providing great customer experience and supporting their communities through communications technology. They provide services including mobile plans, TV, broadband internet, and landline phones.

BT Supports Their TV Viewers

Their television service is divided into three tiers. They range from a rather spartan £3/month tier which has 100 channels and does not allow recording of shows to an £18/month which has 141 channels, 21 of which are HD. Their TV services can be bundled with their broadband services for a discounted rate.

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BT’s broadband service is also divided into three tiers ranging from £32.99/month to £49.99/month. The primary difference between the packages is the download speed which runs from 17Mb/second in the cheapest tier to 76Mb/second in the top tier. The top package also has a couple of perks, such as 500GB of cloud storage and virus protection on 15 devices. All packages include a landline with free weekend calling in the UK and free access to 5 million public BT wi-fi hotspots. It is worth noting that BT’s broadband services were voted most popular by uSwitch in 2017.

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The landline packages are similarly divided into three tiers. What all landline tiers have in common is their 18.99£/month line rental and nuisance call blocking, caller ID, and call waiting services. Otherwise tiers are separated by when free calls to landlines are allowed. The lowest tier only allows free weekend calls, the next allows free evening and weekends, and the highest tier allows calls anytime. Calls to cell phones and calls made outside of the package’s stated free calling time are charged by the minute.

British Telecom’s Mobile Phone Services

Their mobile plans are the most robust. There are a wide range of plans that are provided through BT SIM cards. The SIM cards can be used with old phones or they can be packaged with phones sold by BT. Using SIM cards with old phones will keep the old phone number and all data already on the phone. The newest phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and Sony can also be purchased at a discount with a 12 month contract. Discounts on mobile plans are also available if other BT services are used or if many cards are bought under the same plan.

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BT is also an electronics wholesaler for small to medium sized businesses. They sell both the physical electronics and related products in bulk to businesses and provide great customer services for those products.

BT deals in a wide range of telecommunications products and services on all scales. From the individual consumer level to small and large businesses, they are connecting the world through technology.