British Gas Customer Services

British Gas is a company in the United Kingdom that provides energy and home services and its trading name is British Gas Services Limited and British Gas Heating Limited, both are subsidiaries of Centrica. In the UK alone, the company services over twelve homes thus making it the biggest supplier of gas energy in the UK and it is also ranked among the Big Six, UK gas and Electricity Company dominating the market. It was after the demerge of the British Gas Corporation in the year 1997 that British Gas got its brand name. The company came to be after the restructuring of the UK gas industry after the Gas Act 1972. All the area boards were merged to create British Gas Corporation. In the year 1986 the shares of the company were floated on the London Stock market after the Thatcher government privatized the company as British Gas plc.

British Gas Customers Celebrate 200 Years

The company celebrated 200 years of British Gas in 2012. The company was set up in 1812 under the name Gas Light & Coke Company (GLCC) by Fredrick Albert Winsor and by the Royal Charter it was incorporated on 30th April 1812 at this time British was still at war with Napoleon. By 1826 the world got its first gas cooker designed by James Sharp and by 1868 the world got its first water heater cutesy of British Gas. In 1949, the company became a great part of North Thames Gas Board this was after passing of the Gas Act 1948 by Clement Attlee’s post war labor government. The company made progress bringing in new inventions and it’s is in the year 1998 that the company split up to form BG Plc. And Centrica Plc. And in in 2012 celebrates its 200th birthday appreciating the growth and the contribution it has brought to the gas and energy sector.

British Gas Supports Their Community

The company values its community and makes effort to give back with the aim of tackling key environmental and social issues and it works hard to involve the employee in this noble course by having them volunteer and participate in fundraisers. The company received the Duke of Edinburgh Award for supporting over 2200 young apprentice that aims at empowering you by training them to have ready work skills. The company in the year 2004 created the British Gas Energy Trust, an independent charity that receives funding from the company so as to give grants and debt advice to people. Further, the company is working with Shelter a company in the Real Estate Business to help millions in British people struggling with bad homes or are homeless through support, advice and legal services.

Improving Customer Service is a Top British Gas Priority

Mark Hodges in the Chief Executive Officer of British Gas, under his leadership the company realized turnaround time is crucial, and thus working towards cost reduction, delivering excellent customer services by providing a number to contact and ensuring growth through innovation. Mark is well experienced and understands the consumer market, further he is conversant with leading under political scrutiny and numerous regulations. British Gas can only do better with Mark’s track record of driving major improvements in IT, innovation, efficiency, business transformation and customer service.